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“My husband and I would like to express our high level of satisfaction with the service and professionalism of Tracy Searles.

We listed our home with the conditions not being ideal in that we were competing with new construction in our neighborhood. We did not anticipate being on the market for 17 months after we relocated to California.

We hired 3 agents that were “professionals in our market” prior to calling Tracy. She had stopped by our condo right before we moved to LA and had she not stayed in touch we might not have contacted her when our listing with agent number 3 expired. Our experience with the first 3 agents was disappointing and frustrating. Prior to Tracy, none of them had a marketing plan and had done little homework on the neighborhood. The only suggestion by them was to lower the price and this did not generate additional traffic, interest or an offer.

I contacted Tracy and explained our situation. She suggested we stage our home and made other suggestions that we followed. Tracy did her homework and researched and familiarized herself with the area – she even met with the HR departments at several nearby corporations and the local hospital and delivered to them her lovely brochures. She understood the property needed a different marketing approach and she truly thought out of the box and when the buyer contacted Tracy, they were so impressed with her they also listed their home with her. The buyer was the former Mayor of our city!

My husband and I have met dozens of agent while shopping for a home in California. We have met many who are embarrassing to their profession. Tracy Searles comes highly recommended by my husband and I.”- John & Elizabeth Wild

“Ms. Searles brought enthusiasm and spirit to the project of selling a condominium which we purchased. We were so impressed by her thoroughness and knowledge that I, in turn, hired her to represent my family in selling our family home. She accomplished this in a difficult real estate market. She brought tenacity and made valuable suggestions in regard to strategy and did a great job communicating the features that made us love and purchase our family home. She brought a lot of humor referring to our home as “the Mayor’s Mansion”! Based on our experience she has great analytic skills, good communication skills and a likeable tenacity to get the job done in the most expedient and effective manor. I would highly recommend her, as she does not know the word failure! Thank you Tracy for a job very well done!”

“Tracy Searles goes above and beyond the commitment for her clients. She was always readily available at a moment’s notice, paid attention to detail and was extremely friendly/easy to work with. Would recommend to anyone!” –Jeff & Denise Grubbs

ATTENTION TO DETAIL & I CARE about finding you the perfect home or selling your home. I plan on spending time listening to you and helping you attain your goals.

I understand what is feels like to sell your family home that you were raised in when your parents pass on, to be in love and buy your first home together and I get tremendous satisfaction in helping neighbors and friends find the Home of their Dreams as well as selling their homes for the best possible price, in the shortest amount of time and the least inconvenience to them. I care and I am dedicated to my profession. My strengths are a keen knowledge of real estate with hours of training to stay on the cutting edge of the market, compassion, determination, persuasiveness and being there for my clients at a moments notice!


  • Made the “Top 150” out of 3,400 agents during a 6 month period
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  • Relocation Specialist
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